Monday, 15 September 2014

Qubool Hai...!! chalo bismillah kare... :)

Are you ever fascinated about attending different religion weddings? Are you ever excited about different culture, rituals and traditions of a wedding? Well so I am, I was always fascinated to attend wedding and if it's a Muslim wedding then it's an icing on the cake.
Muslim culture and its traditions always have enraptured my excitement. One of my friend was getting married and we all were invited. In India, wedding traditions differ from one culture to another. The wedding was a day prior to the reception whereas in Hindu culture it is on the same day. 
The ambiance, stage, flower arrangement, glittering clothes, jewelry, rose water fragrance, the Qazi, the bride and the groom. A perfect time and occasion to celebrate. The Qazi starts reading the Quran , its teachings and practices. The marriage rituals are completed with the bride and groom saying Qubool hai thrice.
The relatives, family and friends wish the couple for a happy married life. The vital part of the wedding begnis with the feast. 
"Dastarkhan" a traditional dining space where everyone sits and eats together. There are two sections: one for ladies and other for gentlemen. The food is traditionally served in a big thali (plate)..well now it is individual plates. 
The food is something I was definitely looking forward to....well why d think I have written this blog? Yes the "food" it is definitely eye soothing and tantalizing to your olfactory nerves :P
The food comprised of sesame bread, roti, chicken tandoori, murgh masala, chicken tariwala, salad, plain rice and chicken biryani. Yumm Yumm Yumm. 
Chicken tandoori definitely was 24 hours well marinated before it en routed tandoor (clay oven). It was well roasted, crispy and flavoursome. the chicken curry was well seasoned and went well with the roti. The biryani was an average dish, rather a disappointment when it comes to the muslim style. The origin of biryani comes Persian and the tradition is carried forward by the Mughals and Nawabs. Well keeping all this in mind I faced a disappointment when it came to tasting biryani or else everything else was so good.
An Islamic wedding affair is definitely one of my favourites, you try it as well. 

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