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How to plan an International Trip?

A year back, this day! One of the best trips that @anna_guides and I took! Our first International Trip post the time together in Europe! . I was passionate and determined to take one International trip every year with her. While in the heat of the moment, I did promise that to her. However my Indian brain told me, 'Well Girl, you earn in Indian currency.' Usually it gets difficult for an Indian middle class person to even think about it. . Things that you can do! 1. Keep a destination in mind 2. Keep 6 months to 1 year time 3. Check flights to and fro 4. Check for 2-3 places that you like visiting in that country. 5. Check accommodation price (if Europe then hostels are the best, if in Asia then look for budget hotels) 6. Well now you have a budget in mind for the trip. An Approximate figure at least. 7. Split that amount with the number of months. (For eg. If it cost INR 1,00,000 then divide by 12 month, so per month you have to save 8,333 INR) If you feel the

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