Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Hotel Janatha, as they like to call it...

One the city’s busiest market, locates the restaurant “ Hotel Janatha” . Well it isn’t a hotel which has a lodging facility however back then people were more familiar with the word “hotel” as a dining space.
Medu vada with chutney and sambhar
The eatery which runs from generations to generation has created a legacy in the town. I read about this place from the internet and to my curiosity I went there. Since I was new in the city and no friend around, I went on my own. My GPS was the best guide, a little kannada that my boys(colleague) had taught me and of course sign language works well.
Travelling through small lanes and busy market I finally took a sigh of relief after looking at the sign board which read, “Hotel Janatha”. The board was big enough to be read and the entrance was small enough to be called a restaurant entrance. I went inside and saw a man sitting at the desk. I thought probably it was a hotel, and I was being over smart to call it the back then stories. To bolt from the blue, it was a huge restaurant with various dining areas and open kitchen on one side.
I ordered for a medu vada and idli, it was just for 15Rs. Wow!!! Did I travel back in time??? I look around for a place to seat and dig into the meal. An uncle from far end was observing, he waived at me and offered a seat next to him. I thanked him and my spoon dived into the chutney with a bite of the vada. Karr..!! Yes that was the sound. The vada was hot and so crispy without oil dripping. The idli was soft and fresh, the chutney contributed well to the meal. The south Indian filter coffee was just the way I like it; strong and hot. 
I would definitely recommend this place to everyone.
Hotel Janatha
Location: 8th cross, Malleswaram

Recommendation: Idli, Vada and coffee

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