Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Fair comes to an end..!!!

The remarkable Bandra fair comes to an end. The last Sunday is always crowded so I planned to go on Saturday. Under the scorching sun I managed to walk to the church without getting pushed by anyone. Uff!! Believe me it's a huge relief when it comes to such fairs in India. The moment I entered she was standing there above all, in sanctity. The aura in the church is soul soothing. Her presence in front of me wooed me. I could feel that hunch in my heart. It's just amazing. I would recommend everyone to visit Mount Mary church once in their lifetime.
I took the route which leads to the fair. There are numerous stalls on the way. The fair definitely has something for everyone. I bought roasted black gram( kala chana) and mango slice cake( Aam papdi) which is considered as a prasad (blessings) there.
Man selling black gram
Stalls at the fair
As mentioned in the previous article on Bandra fair I promised I would look for home made food stalls. I walked through the fair and could see a lot of commercial stalls by our Muslim brothers of Kebab, chicken tandoori, tangdi kebab, baida roll, etc. Those fuming smoky stalls and aroma of chicken barbeque are definitely magnetic. They tantalize your olfactory nerve and drool you mouth with lip smacking sight. :)

However I had to find a home made stall by the residents there. Bingo!!! I found a stall where the lady was serving dishes like sorpotel, xacuti, chicken hot dog and many more. I spoke to her and bought a hot dog to eat. In conversation with her, I got to know that not many residents have put stall this year. She was residing in the building just behind, where she cooked these dishes and is serving to the fair visitors. The chicken hot dog was nice however I told that she could add a little more filling in it.
Moving ahead I couldn't find any more home made stalls. Glad to find at least one. :)

Chicken hot dog ala Indian style ;)

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