Thursday, 11 September 2014

Bandra eloo ge...!!!
Bandra, a paradise for food enthusiast and restaurant hoppers. After the invasion of Portuguese, the place has seen a lot of changes. Bandra has a Koli, Marathi, Catholic and Muslim locality on a large extent. Most of the residences are built in portugal style. So as far as to churches like St. Andrew, Mount Carmel, St. Anne's, St. Teresa, St. Peter's, and St. Francis D'Assissi were built by the Portuguese; these six churches are still taken care by their descendants.

The eating culture here has been quite famous and so is the catering. I remember going for hockey to St. Andrew's school when I was 14 years. As a child, I liked exploring places and I still do. There used to be an Aunt in the school who used to sell hot dogs, chicken burgers, chicken rolls, muffins and many more items on her store. I used love eating the catholic style of cooking and caring nature to feed us after practice.

Even if you see the Bandra Mount Mary fair and walk through the interiors of the lane, you would find a loads of home cooked style food been sold by old aunties.
I would bring out to you the few such places as well as the famous eateries out there.
So stay tuned.......

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