Saturday, 22 July 2017

Next time keep that empty chips packet or bottle in your bag!

I soothe your eye
I calm your soul
I give you food & all you do is litter my earthy bowl
Yours giving,

You may be a nature lover or may not be one, might love trekking or hiking or just enjoying nature in this season. One thing for sure you need to do, you need to keep our environment clean. Does that sound like it is much work? Well how about one step at a time, next time you are out make sure you keep that chips packet inside your bag, make sure you throw that bottle in the garbage bin. Don't say there ain't enough bins, if they ain't any you still have your hand to hold it or your bag to keep it until you find a bin. 
I usually don't write on such topics on this blog, but it was about time that we do our bit. Be it a small step or a habit, inculcate the good ones and influence others around you to act responsibly. It isn't about my area or yours, it is about our NATURE that we need to take care of. 
Do your bit of keeping nature clean, others will see and follow the same. 

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