Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bergamo, Italy

After a sleep deprivation of more than 18 hours we finally reach Bergamo Mountains to visit our friend’s Aunt. Our body couldn’t feel their existence while our brains were out of charge. The only feeling we could respond to was of hunger. We tried finding a restaurant or café where we could eat however the village was so small that it only accepted cash. The next thing we knew was that we were on a hunt for ATM machines. It doesn’t stop there, our master and visa cards weren’t accepted at the ATM. Somehow we finally managed to get a nationalised bank which handed out money to us after which we were able to get some food.

We drove through the hills and reached my friend’s Aunt’s place however we were there before she could reach. Carol thought of sleeping in the car while Daniel and I were enthusiastic looking at the mountains. We decided to go hiking and I quickly changed from heels to sneakers. Though we didn’t have much of strength, looking at the nature our moods revived.

Through these luscious green mountains, beautiful houses and small vineyards we walked our away up. We should see mountain tops still covered with snow, it was a very beautiful sight. While we were walking, we also spoke about life, philosophies and issues that we tend to face. The whole experience revived our souls; I can now understand why meditation was majorly done on mountain tops. Nothing is as peaceful and beautiful as the view from a mountain.  

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