Friday, 11 March 2016

Studio Mumbai and Ethiopian meal with Danes

"Adventure is just bad planning" Roald Amundsen if that is the case then I would like such adventure quite often ;) 
My Danish friend who is in her 50s with a enthusiasm of 20 year old asked me for a quiet architectural exhibition afternoon. I said yes, without realizing that it might turn into an interesting and fun-filled day.
We had passes for Studio Mumbai exhibition in the Danish Architectural Center in Copenhagen which started at 3 pm. It was an exhibition where works of Bijoy Jain where showcased, how the East is so different in terms of techniques, skills, knowledge, methods, technology, etc. It was a rudimentary, earthy style which depicted from their works where they wanted to work with nature hand in hand. I could completely relate to it as I am from that country. Also, I shared my experience and knowledge that I was inherited with as my grandfather used to build houses himself. Then and now, most of the workers don't have a degree from universities or colleges in India, they learn my practical experience and observing. This the beauty and sometimes a challenge for architects like Bijoy Jain. 
The Trio!


Holy structure


However, one should know how to transform a challenge into an opportunity like he did. It was really nice to be able to see something like this in Copenhagen. 
After this we went for a coffee in the center itself. The Cafe had table in the balcony with a view of canal which was so beautiful to look at on a cold afternoon while sipping coffee. 
Cafe overlooking canal
Susanne and Per (my Danish friends) shared their younger days experiences, Christian Andersen's stories and some important locations in Copenhagen. We thought of having dinner together so I referred to the best restaurant for meal under 100 kroner. (can't help it, I am still a student :P )
While Susanne and I were finding the location of the restaurant, Per came up with a suggestion. He remembered about the stone sculpture that his grandfather was part of in making. He suggested to take us there, while I was unaware of the place since Danish name of places still sound alien to me. I was up for it and didn't care much. To my surprise we came to the location where the Little Mermaid was located. I always wanted to visit it, and see for myself as it was so talked about. 
The Little Mermaid with #bombaygirl
It was indeed a good experience to visit these places and read about them. I finally got a picture with the Little Mermaid which is over 100 years old longingly waiting to catch a glimpse of her beloved. I think there is similarity between us, just that I haven't found the one yet. ;) 

After a hand-freezing walk through these statues and historic places we headed back to our car. With my Indian phone we tracked down the route to Ma'ed Ethiopian restaurant in Norrebro. 
We picked an altogether different cuisine, it was Ethiopian. Susanne had an experience with Ethiopian food while her visit to New York. Per and I were completely new to this experience so we were looking forward to it. 
We ordered for lamb chilli, beef with spinach and chicken curry, they were served with Injeras (Ethiopian pancakes). The food came on a huge plate and had to be eaten with hands. It was fun to see Danes eating with their hands. The people who eat their smørrebrød with fork and knife were eating this with their hands. I got an opportunity to teach them how to eat with hands (tricks and tips ) :D 

Chicken curry on Injeras

Beef with spinach on Injeras

The happy me! 

Per and I enjoying our meal 
The food was different than what they eat but for me it was little similar because of the spices. I would recommend other to try their lamb and beef dish, it was the best. The chicken curry felt like curry served with salsa sauce. The focus doesn't lie in presentation or ambiance so much as it does for the taste. They also have loyalty cards for their customers and surely they do have repeat customers due to the good taste. Also, if you plan a visit then do inform the restaurant about Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It is an important affair and looks quite fascinating. 
Overall the whole day was surely a memorable one! 

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