Monday, 21 March 2016

En route Italy

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” –Mark Twain
When the trip was been semi-planned, it started off with three but to my surprise I didn't ever think it will rise to a group of nine. This was a road trip with maximum margin of error, as it was the first one ever planned in Europe. I am an Indian girl with a license to drive but still travel in a Mumbai local as they are the best transportation. :P For god sake we have right side driving steering wheel, how could I have ever predicted the amount of blunders awaiting for us. 

The travel group was an International one where there were two Romanians aka Italian-somewhat translators (Daniel and Anca), Kenyan mommy of the group (Carolyne), Syrian-Danish comedian (Basel), American pro-driver (Angelo) and two talkative Indians (Nikhil and I). They had no clue as to there was a surprise waiting at the airport. Sumit, Ganesh and I were part of the surprise, where the former two decided to join the trip after much of convincing. Let me tell you about South Asian, drama breeds in us. We somehow are good when it comes to showing off our acting skills. 
At the airport, as usual we were late and there began a short marathon which I was definitely not ready for. The airlines that we booked for had the gate at a distance of 20 mins and all of us ran as there was a devil behind us with a hot iron rod. We were definitely an attraction at the airport but who cared as I was busy running with my heels taken off and slippery socks. By the time we reached, the boarding had just started. We were sweating likes pigs in a country like Denmark (oh that can happen :P ). This was not it, the two surprises (Sumit and Ganesh) arrived and everyone was astonished. There brain didn't respond well to understand what was going on. Everyone was confused and then surprised to my understanding. You might think this is seems so nice that finally we reached and could have been to take the plane. Well you are right in your dreams, as you forgot the element named 'Gayatri'. I guess I was so overwhelmed looking at everyone's face that I started choking. I couldn't breathe or speak as the saliva entered the wrong chamber. Stupid saliva had the wrong address (this wasn't funny then :P ). I had to go the washroom to clear out while rest of them stood at the gate. It took me a lot of time to clear out my throat, while the airline thought of leaving me behind. The group stood back waiting for me and trying to convince the airline personnel. Angelo even tricked them by calling out, "Oh wait I can see her, she is there." In the process he also tricked the rest of the group. By the time I was back and we walked towards to board it. Finally we were on board to Italy. Well this is just the beginning, some more coming up. 

Who says you have to look for adventure, we are walk with it every day. ;) 

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