Saturday, 12 December 2015

Ice-Skating in Brussels

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. " (John Wayne)
I wouldn't say that my case was so extreme but I was definitely worried about my instincts. My classmates and I had planned this trip two months before the date of departure. It was well before the Paris attacks and before Brussels was lock down. Till the time we were suppose to arrive at Brussels the situation was under control however there were a lot of army men in the city for security reasons.
I am a rational thinker, and I tried working out my math with the high and low of going to Brussels. However I was very skeptical of the feeling I was experiencing while going to the airport. I had an inner instinct that something wrong would happen. I usually don't think much about it however I couldn't let this go.

I reached Brussels safely at around 1:30 am, there was a gentleman who helped around my friend and I in finding the way to the hostel where we staying. Everything went alright, little did I know what was going to happen next I would have been more careful. The day we were roaming the city by walk, we came across ice skating rink. I, being a tropical Bombay girl had never tried it and never experienced it. I was so excited to go and see it by myself how it felt to skate on ice. I started off quite good, I did two rounds of skating by holding support rode. The third round I took was without support and I was excited to show it to my classmate Daniel. I called out his name, and there he was in front of me. He came so speedily towards me that he almost lost his balance and bumped into me. This marked the beginning of my falls! :P Every time I skated for more than two minutes it would proceed with a fall. I finally managed to skate well, and made a move where I lost my balance. Before I knew I was flat on my face, Daniel picked me up and there were many who surrounded me.
Guess what, who saw stars and birdies in eyes closed. :P But the whole point was of experiencing something new and I did! I learnt how to skate but next time I would rather be more careful. :P


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