Saturday, 21 November 2015

Grandma's story

Grandma's stories have always been my favourite, my childhood memories are filled with Indian history, village reality, struggle times than fairy tales told by my granny. I really appreciate it, because they are helped me grow into a practical and matured person.
Little did I know I would hear them again in Prague, I wouldn't have been sad for all these years over the lose of my grannies. In Prague, I was introduced to David, my friend's school mate. He showed us around the local breweries and in one of the conversations he told me about his grandma who used to tell me stories about India in his childhood. His grandma along with her husband and kids had stayed in India during the late 70s. He told me that he grew up listening to stories about India and its culture. I was so surprised that I really wanted to meet her. David arranged a meeting with her, however he told me that his grandma hadn't spoken in English from past 40 years. To our surprise yet again, she spoke English very well to communicate with me.
She lived in a beautiful house with artifacts from different parts of India and Tibet. His mother and grandma welcomed me with a traditional Czech dishes and some tea. I could sense so much warmth in them, it felt like home on an alien land.
We exchanged stories of our existence and how did I reach Europe through all the unplanned routes. David's granny told me about Indian how it was in back 70s and how people were back then. David told me that she had a brain stroke and she has a weak memory. However, when she was telling me about India I was amazed to see that she remembers all the cities and states that she travelled.
I was that citizen who realised the importance of my motherland even more after stepping out of it. She says that she misses the times she had spent in India and the warmth that people have for everyone. She wanted to hear what is India like after all these years. When I told about the India now, she was astonished at the drastic change it has transformed into. We also had a session of Bollywood screening, where I played a clip of the actor Akshay Kumar from the movie 'Namastey London'. I particularly love this scene, because it talks about India, its culture and its unity in its diversity among people. Also who would have delivered it so well other than Akshay Kumar.  It was a funny situation as I was translating the dialogue into English and David was translating it in Czech from his grandma and mother for clear understanding. I was overwhelmed by the whole experience and it was a wonderful evening which will be cherished forever.

Czech Grandma and her daughter

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