Saturday, 10 October 2015

Malmö, Sweden

"A promise made is a promise fulfilled, not matter what the circumstances are." Gayatri Kale
The Crazy-Anna, my friend and classmate from Czech Republic seem to be the initiators of a lot of tips lately. She had promised me that she will be coming with me to Malmö for a weekend getaway. After the intro party at the school where most of the students were relishing the toxic-drinks and inhales, she was definitely one of them up till 3 pm. :P However, she managed to stick to her words and ask me out for the trip the next day at 11 am. Now, that I would say needs a lot commitment. I had two neighbours who came along for the trip. We started our journey from Roskilde at noon, while you might think our motive was visit Malmo. It was certainly not, as we were keen on seeing the bridge that made its way through the sea and back up. The Øresund bridge connects Denmark to Sweden and is one of the main highlight for us.
The view was so beautiful that we all were awestruck and couldn't get off our phone from capturing it. There were certainly two tools working, one being the mobile phone capturing it and the second being our eyes.
Øresund bridge 

Malmö, as a city is very beautiful and somehow is the same as Copenhagen, however it is a very nice to visit. Especially when it comes to the bridge and if you have the right company. 

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