Saturday, 19 September 2015

Mons Klint

They say you can't judge or never should by a person's first act. I am a strong believer of the same. Although, I met this guy in class, seemed very notorious and casual about things. I didn't ever know that I would experience a complete different personality while travelling with him. I really think the best way to understand a person is travelling with him or her. The journey has lot to give and take, it will take life by surprise and one always learns a lot from it.
Two of my classmate with me started a journey to a complete unknown destination. We three were complete strangers to each other, which made the journey more interesting. At first it is always difficult to start a conversation and especially if you are sitting alone at the back seat. :P That definitely didn't stop me from starting one. :)
The day was young and we had a lot to see, apart from the bumpy brakes and sudden gear change-jerks by the professional on wheels. :P We didn't really have a plan as such, the destination was set however the journey was unplanned. This made the trip even more adventurous. On our way, we came across sky with floating object in the sky when we approached near it we saw people flying kite on a hilly top. It was indeed a beautiful sight that we had stop there.

Looking all those kites up there I was nostalgic, it reminded me of the kite festival back in India where all the kids and youth go crazy while flying kites on their rooftops. Two different countries so far away from each other yet have similarity in certain way. It was an amazing feeling to look at those happy faces in such a cheerful environment. We tried few of the delicacies like sausage bread aka Polser Brod and caramel pie sort of thing. Well it is a problem when you don't speak the local language. :P (You need to assume a lot of things) 

It was delicious! 

That was not all, we tried our hands on kite flying. A gentlemen helped us untangle it and we tried our skills at kite flying. It was so fun! :)

Daniel honing his skills

We headed back on route to our destination, Mon Klint. On our way, we came across very pretty country-side houses and varieties of trees. Also, my friend Anna found her first pet, she named him Jack!
Anna and little Jack!

When we reached our destination, we were very much acquainted with each other.
Mons Klint a 6 km stretch of chalky cliff along the eastern coast of Danish island of Mon in the Baltic sea. It really feels wonderful to experience nature which ever country might it be. No materialistic pleasure is superior to one that you get by being in nature's lap. The scenic view was mesmerising, it felt wonderful each time the wind caressed my hair. Well I also lost my earning in that process. :( 
We walked from top to the bottom and tried stone flicking into the sea, walked on moss and pebbles. We did the act of overcoming our fear by walking on branch which headed towards the sea. 

By end of the journey we did have a lot of fun experiencing different things together. I would say the journey was definitely a success for me as I come across two great human beings and they happen to be my friends hereon. Hence, " Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."  (Greg Anderson)

I hope you liked my experience, kindly suggest the next destination by commenting in the drop down. :)
Keep sharing, loving and caring! 

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