Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Every dinner seems like a fine dining for a student on a foreign land......

Life of a student is adventurous at times, entertaining most of times, mind-boggling at every second and sucks-to-the-hell while spending money. It is a roll coaster ride, the moment you think it is alright, there is a sudden change altogether. And the worst part is becoming student after have worked for quiet a while, the feeling of being independent isn't that good after the taste independence. 
I am here in Denmark for a year as a student of International Sales and Marketing, it really feels great when it comes to exploring and travelling. However, initial days I have spent without a kitchenette. This makes things quite difficult as the only option one has is to dine out. Ideally, in my country whenever I eat out, it has to be a course-by-course meal. It really happened that I have had just snacks. Irony of my life is here when that kind of full meal is required for a good balance of diet, the only thing I can afford is snacks as meals. Every dining outside in Denmark seems like a fine dining in one of the elite restaurants with petite quantity of snack food.
Someone who isn't that good in maths also starts calculating and converting currencies in his head. The painful part is when your home country currency is lower than the one your are studying in. Denmark is definitely expensive in every aspect, however one can always find a loop hole. For me, buying food from supermarkets such as Aldi, Netto & fakta have been a solution. Different things bought from supermarket can be combined a really great and filling meal. It always works for me! 


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