Friday, 28 August 2015

When I was leaving my country.....

"Good bye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in my heart is the memory and there you will always be." - Walt Disney

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Travelling from one country to another and studying abroad is pretty common with our generation, the excitement of living a lifestyle is so much that we don't turn back and look at our loved one's sad faces.
Just a day before I was leaving the country, I saw kindergarten kids been dropped by their parents at the school. Some cried, some wondered what was happening and while some smiled with excitement. I am pretty sure everyone must have passed that phase, just that we don't recall. Same was the case with me however I relived the moment again.
At airport, I was that kindergarten kid who wasn't aware as to what was happening. I was at first excited thinking about travel, visiting different countries, then sad that I wont be able to see my Mom for more than six months. All of sudden I felt very patriotic, I started rethinking whether I was taking a right decision to leave the country or not. Whether I should join Indian Arms force or go abroad, leave the scholarship or take up the opportunity. I guess it is a similar situation for most of us.
Just before 'the' day I was blank, the similar situation where you have studied but when you see the question paper everything get swiped off and you are blank; well that was my state. :P
I promised myself that I wouldn't cry or let anyone do the same. However, how could the airport scene complete for an Indian family without the "rona-dhona". :P
God bless these technologies that I will be able to skype my family everyday.

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