Saturday, 15 August 2015

Travel stories :1

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Masala stuffed dosa with chutneys and sambar
After a quick city tour of Chennai, we had our lunch at Sarvanan Bhawan at K,K.R nagar. Since we had a three journey ahead, planned on a light diet. We ordered for paper roast dosa, masala dosa and filter coffee for two of us. The dosa were really good and had a variety of chutneys offered along. We ended our meal with a small portion of sweet pongal (how could I miss pongal )
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Filter coffee (Cafee) 
Paper roast dosa

Our driver dropped us to the bus station, rather may I say halted the bus to let us board it. If ever you travel to Pondicherry from Chennai, kindly use the ECR route (East Coast road) a pleasant scenic highway which will make your trip even more beautiful. A piece of advice, take a seat just behind the driver or the conductor. This will help you get a complete view of the highway and a little conversation with the driver or conductor will fetch you brownie points (such as information about the place, not letting you be left back when you are struggling with the bathroom facility in the five minute stop at the dhaba :P )

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