Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Things I liked in Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram

I met a new friend there, loved meeting her :) Whenever you go to Pondicherry, do visit my friend Laxmi. She comes to Mankala Vinayak temple every evening to entertain everyone.

Chicken in white sauce with mushrooms stuffed crepe

Creme Caramel

I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner at Satsanga, this garden restaurant has lot to offer to each one. 

Paradise beach 
One can take a boat, jet ski ride from Chunnabar boathouse to paradise beach and enjoy this beauty. It's usually hot in Pondicherry, so an umbrella, sunblock and shades are mandatory. :P 

Le Cafe

 Le Cafe is a government run 24 hours cafe which has a scenic view and good food. Do try their Chicken lasagna, sandwiches and cold coffee. :)

French War memorial

Gandhi statue at Promenade

Calm and clean streets of Pondicherry

Colonial style buildings

Beautiful architecture of Pondicherry


I really loved this place for it's temple architect and stone carvings. It is a must visit,  there is also a huge Lord Vishnu statue inside the temple.

Stone carving at Mahabalipuram

Meditation place

The giant rock at Mahabalipuram

These pillar stand still for more 400 years

Temples at Mahabalipuram

Lord Vishnu's avatar

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