Saturday, 29 August 2015

København that I saw

København or Copenhagen, the capital and most populated city of Denmark. The much necessary visit, as Roskilde seemed a modern village to me; silent and human less. :P 
Well been a Mumbai girl, I am used to crowd, noise and little pollution. So much greenery and cleanliness was hurting my eyes.
It was really fun visiting this place, it is a must visit and do not forget your umbrella. :)

Tivoli Garden

City hall

Beautiful work done

Inside of city hall 

This man creates a bubble, I call it magical one!


Pizza Capo

Danish as well tourist relaxed themselves in this lovely weather

An exclusive canal tour for just three of us, lucky us!

Canal tour 

One can combine this tower, a top view of the city is seen from there.

Black diamond: royal library


Well there is a lot to see and study! Till then Chaos. :)

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