Friday, 3 July 2015

Lucky's restaurant

In the month of Ramadan what could have been better than visiting Lucky's restaurant. Though the restaurant doesn't really have a special menu as such but it is very popular for Mughlai cuisine.
My father and I thought of visiting the Arms forces canteen to buy certain things, we thought of going to the one at Cotton green which is supposed to be bigger than the rest in Mumbai. As usual we were out for the whole afternoon and our stomach started battling with our brains. I asked few of my friends for restaurant suggestion as it was my first time travelling to this part of Mumbai. Few suggestions here and there, I finally decided over one. However, my father didn't wanted to travel for dining in a restaurant so he decided to board the train and eat at home. Like every business has midway crisis, my father had midway stomach crunch (I know totally no relation :P ) His stomach started growling, loud enough that the person next to him could be terrified. We kept sipping water so that our concentrated HCL could dilute. :P
We had to change the train from Andheri however when we arrived at Bandra I thought of Lucky's which was the nearest restaurant. Just when the train was about to leave the station dad and I got down from the train.(We are pretty well known for last minute changes. :) )
Payya Soup
We sat in the inside section as the restaurant was almost full. Both of us being so hungry, we ordered my favourite Payya soup followed by chicken tikka. The first sip into the soup was so divine, each sip was so flavourful that I couldn't really pause in between each one. Chicken tikka have been world famous, the chefs here really get them right. The tandoor cooked spiced flavoured chicken tenders were finger-licking good.
Further we ordered Chicken Afghan with reshmi paratha and butter garlic naan. Chicken Afghan was little alien to my palate, it came with an omelette on top of the gravy, the gravy was rich and had chicken breast. I was expecting chicken legs :P , the chicken breast were little over-cooked and gravy felt little bland. One suggestion, in rainy season or winter kindly order bread one after other (especially naan) as they get cold and become too chewy. That was in our case, we loved the reshmi paratha as they were really good.
Chicken Tikka

Chicken Afghan with reshmi paratha and naan

 To end our meal, caramel custard was ordered and it was delicious. The best thing about it is one can take a bite and pass it through their teeth ( they go spruuuu) :P
Caramel custard
So my meal ended well, starting with a soup then starter later the main course and ending with a desert. :)
I hope you guy you liked my food story, please comment below and share with your friends and family.
Spread the love of food as it is the purest form. :)

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