Saturday, 18 July 2015

Jaffer Bhai's Delhi Darbar

Unplanned hangouts somehow turn out to be the best ones, especially when it's with friends. Just before we four junkies split and take our own paths to conquer the world, we thought of meeting up. Our 'planned-cancelled and then the final-unplanned yes' meetup was possible. Ms. Newly promoted-busy wasn't able to workout her schedule so we three went to her office at Churchgate to smuggle her out of the office during lunch break.  As usual two of us were late and Ms.Will-be Punekar was on time (for once ;P ), waiting at the coffee shop munching on some croissants.
We met at Eros theater, I felt that some hot waves coming the left maybe there were climate predictions of Pune. :P
As usual we looked at each other for suggestion and finally came up with one place 'The Balwas', however Neha did mention about the restaurant might be busy. I remembered a place at Marine lines called Jaffer Bhai's Delhi Darbar. We dropped down in front of the restaurant, while I had a fear that it would have been a take-away. Well it wasn't, it was an air-conditioned restaurant with a decent seating space.
Ms. Will-be-Punekar ordered for butter chicken right away, I think she had planned for it. :P We ordered chicken tikka as starter and Indian bread ( Roomali roti, wheat paratha, butter naan) along with butter chicken.
The starter was well presented, it tasted good however quantity wasn't appropriate. they had served five pieces which is justified for Rs. 300
Moving on to butter chicken with Indian bread was a delightful experience. For weight-watcher, it is not recommended and those whole-hearted foodies, it is a must at Jaffer Bhai's place. :)
We ended our meal with caramel custard and gulab jamun which were good as well. Gulab Jamun are of big size so order accordingly.

Note: Apologies for not posting any picture as all of us were very hungry to grab all the food we had in front of us.

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