Sunday, 21 June 2015

Kori gassi tales

Most kids in India live with their parents which makes them dependent in some or the other way. Responsibility is just a word for them. While I had my 21 years already spent in the same city with my parents, I wanted to explore and be ‘responsible'; learn to live independently. :P
The first thought that parents have is about safety, to lessen their concern I applied for a transfer through my company to Bangalore. It was my first step in the world of being responsible. I didn’t know what was in store. With my arms wide open like ‘Raj (Shahrukh Khan) of DDLJ’ I welcomed the changes and challenges.
Being a food enthusiast I prefer trying different restaurant in the city, and in the way of my exploration I came across this delicious, lip-smacking dish called ‘Kori Gassi’. Kori gassi is a Mangalorean chicken preparation usually eaten with steamed rice.
My mouth-watering encounter with this one happened on one of my visit to Karavali restaurant at the Gateway hotel in Bangalore.
Today, when I am back to Mumbai in my parent’s house I suddenly start missing those days in Bangalore. To revive my experience and those memories I decided to make Kori Gassi. And what would have been a better day than today on Father’s day to make a meal for my father when he is back from work.
Ladies and Gentlemen I present you Kori Gassi… J
Kori Gassi
I refered this blog : for the recipe.
Kori gassi with Rice and Bhakri
I hope you will try and post it too. Share if you like and do comment. Spread the love of food as there is no other in its purest form than this. 

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