Tuesday, 14 April 2015

When I was a kid, I used to write travel diaries

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One of the usual mornings, at the coffee shop in Taj West End where I worked. I was called by a guest; my hostess briefed me about them. I visited their breakfast table and greeted them. The couple were accompanied with their kids; both were scribbling something on a book. I was asked few questions about the city which I answered well. To my surprise I didn't know that the history classes that I took very seriously would be useful now, as the next question by them was about Mahatma Gandhi. The kids were looking at me and so were the parents. I felt like a school kid standing in front of my history teacher. :P  However, I did good!
 I could answer all the questions in my viva I mean the one asked by the guest. I saw the kid writing down what I was telling them about the city and Gandhiji. The boy was 11 years old while the girl was 13 years old.  I asked his father, "What was he doing?" To that he said that both the kids have an interest of noting down interesting facts about the city and the history of the place they visit. He said, “It all started as their vacation homework and now they do it as a hobby."
The kid showed me his book and it had 4 countries with drawing done by him of the monuments, facts of certain places. I was so impressed by their work, and looked at myself as to why didn't I ever do it. I complimented the kids by saying, "Nice work with your travel book kids." To which the boy said, "It's our travel diary which we have been writing." :)
"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page."- Saint Augustine.

But if the travel diary is a collection of all your trips then you have a memories cherished for rest of your life. :)

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