Monday, 13 April 2015

Sunday Brunch

In life there is so much to do, let us celebrate each victory; who knows Kal hoo na hoo. :) A firmer believer that I am, I thought of rewarding myself for all the hard work put in my assignments. It was a Sunday and who could accompany me better. I called up my brunch partner (workwise) with whom I have spent one year running around taking care of our guests at Taj West End, Bangalore. We have a mutual feeling when it came to Sundays at work; handling smiling guest, rude ones, drunk ones, the over-friendly ones; as a manager to have to take care of everyone. :)
So this was out time to relax and enjoy a brunch dining on the table. I invited my Friend and ex-colleague from Taj to dine at Woodside all bar and day eatery, Oshiwara. I did my reservation through GourmetItUp and also checked zomato for its reviews.
We made a reservation for two at 12:30pm in the inside seating. If you ain't in a relaxing mood, you may prefer walking in and out of the place to grab a bite for the buffet. If not then Patio seating you would be recommended.
Peach Ice tea
 While I was waiting for my friend at the table, for almost 10 minutes I wasn't served water, the server was busy with the the big table next to me. These things are critical when it comes to serving a guest in a restaurant. Chinar, my friend was not in a mood of spirits entering her body, so she opted for non-alcoholic buffet, which made it two. Our server, Harickson briefed us about the buffet and beverage that was included. Both of us called for ice teas; Lemon and Peach. I was taken aback by the flavours of this well garnished drink called the Peach Ice tea. Both of us liked it so much, that I called for one more.
There is a loads of the things on the menu and make sure you eat small portion of each of them if you would like to taste them all. I like their hummus with pita bread, chicken pizza, chicken in a citrus sauce, bell pepper bruschetta, spring rolls, the caesar salad was good but I found few wilted lettuce (get them replaced), the mediterranean dips were nice and waffle with praline ice cream was nice too.
I didn't relish the crab canapes as it was stinking a bit, the chicken sliders could have been better and the hot counter food could be served keeping temperature of the food in mind. If you are a vegetarian, make sure you read carefully, as the food tags placement isn't properly visible on the salad counter.
Chicken pizza

Crab canape

I liked the ambiance of the place, it is little small to hold a brunch as such but the inside seating is little spacious compared to outside ones. The music gets a little louder so keep in mind, preferably not a place for infants.
Also, At the time of billing make sure you don't have a Maestro, as they do not accept it. Thankfully I was carrying a visa card. :P
The overall experience of this place was good considering the fact that the brunch (non- alcoholic) was Rs.995 inclusive of taxes and around Rs.1040 for alcoholic.
Been booked through GourmetItUp, we were served complimentary one round of alcoholic drinks as well.
I will definitely recommend this place as its value for money and it caters good food with good service.

Bruschetta and Slider 

Woodside All day bar & eatery !

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