Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A biryani affair

Farwell party

"What food should we order for the party?", asks one of my classmate. Food has always been and will be the essential part of a party.
The postgraduate course in journalism comes to an end and we decided to give to farewell party to the professors as well as ourselves. "Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."- Alan Lakein
The work was divided amongst us, three of us took charge for the food part. Planning can turn into a havoc when you receive too many suggestion and feedbacks. After a lot of research, we finally came to a decision. We called for a biryani, wafers, cold drinks and cake. Isn't that a ideal food? :P

Chocolate cake from Goriawalla baker
For a party of 25 we ordered 3 kg non veg and 1 kg veg biryani from A1 biryani, whereas cake from the Goriawalla. Everyone truly enjoyed the food, which left me satisfied and contented.
I really liked the flavour, aroma and the taste of the biryani, succulent pieces of chicken made it just right. According to me a biryani shouldn't have overpowering flavors of the spices, something that is very prominent in bulk catering orders. I was happy to witness that such a thing didn't happen in the case of A1 biryani.
Biryani over conversations
So go ahead and order from them if you host a party for your friends and family. Also, they deliver food at your doorstep, make it a point to ask them before for the delivery charges as well. Be sure, they will serve you nothing but good food!

A1 Biryani
Mumbai Central
Mobile no. 09869701896

Note: Any recommendation are on the basis of personal experience and not for promotion.

Happily serving everyone!! 

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