Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Nutcracker

Ms. Critic, Ms. Workaholic, Mr. Like-to-be-stoned and Ms. Mango-lisa are the main character of this drama. So this, starts with a not-so-fun to attend class. One of our class this semester is not so interesting to attend. Amongst all four of us, only Mr. Like-to-be-stoned like to attend this professor's lecture as he finds him 'Cool'. Scientifically, its yet to be proven as to why! ;)
The professor was half an hour late to the class as he is usually late. I was trying to instigate everyone to escape the class.To our surprise, the professor informed on call that he wouldn't make it to the lecture. It was a feeling unexpressed, just like coming across an Gelato ice cream on the land of dessert! (too expressive, isn't it?.. :P ) But the professor did dictate us some class work, didn't care about it much and left as soon as possible.
Some might call us a self-contented aka self-acclaimed exclusive group, we usually roam around places, shop together, dine out, compete with others and hardly invite people to join. We are very welcoming just don't be annoying or flirt with any of us or be on diet. :P
We thought of going out relaxing and spending our time talking over some coffee and snacks. All three of them rely on Ms. Critic whether its food recommendation or place to hangout. Instagram and google came to our rescue and we finalised a place to go but it looked like we had an unwanted company. Mr. Yellow- pants was very well 'shooed off' in a royal manner; keeping the sentiments in mind.
With the iPhone, Lumia and android on a search of this place, I ended up asking one of the restaurant watchmen about another restaurant's location. Bang! We finally made it there.
A small dining place, beautifully set in the lanes of Colaba with yellow chairs placed out and flowers hanging from the top. An impressive look at first itself, as we enter the first thing you will notice is how small it is. Yet I would say how beautiful it's interior are done. The lights, the chicken to owl to eggs on display, tables, display counter; everything looked so cute and pretty. Ms. Wake-up@3-girl loved their music. For me it was just the right way; I usually hate loud music where you can't even have a conversation.
Coming over to food, we ended up ordering a lot then we thought. Oh god! it rhymed. Surprisingly, we ate it all, it was that good.
Belgian Chocolate Pancake with honey and melted butter
We ordered for the Belgian chocolate pancake with honey and melted butter. The first bite into it was just so good. The pancake was too dry, right texture (softness), good amount of chocolate chip in it. Definitely a recommendation to everyone.
Pesto and scrambled egg  burger
Moving over to the next dish we ordered was Pesto and scrambled egg breakfast slider, we were served a regular burger bun as the the slider bun were out of stock which sounded fine with us. Warning: Some not into green please avoid this, like my friends who didn't enjoy it. ' People Pesto is green.'
I think the seasoning could be re-worked on, although the combinations taste good.
A Latte tastes the same almost everywhere unless you use Coffea Robusta instead of Arabica.

From the Kid's menu. we ordered Cheese sandwich and these guys loved it. I can give it a pass. Ms. Wake-up@3-girl ordered for Seven layer cookie, little decisive to its description as she says but make a smooth entry to her oesophagus and 'it's so good' comes out an expression. An amazingly plated dish, hits the top list of the menu for us.
Overall, the experience at The Nutcracker restaurant was amazing for us (we being the loudest group of all).

Recommendation: Try out their specials, other than don't miss out Belgian chocolate pancake, Seven layer cookie, Basil and passion fruit cooler (green alert)
Location: The Nutcracker
Fort, Kalaghoda, a lane next to Rhythm house
Opposite One forbes building
Mumbai :)
Type: Vegetarian (Egg are served as well) All day breakfast place

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