Monday, 2 February 2015

The Lil Flea Market

A story is liked by the readers when there is a good opening, a little twist, a good climax and a great ending. The three day pop-up events in Mumbai also have similarity to define their success. For an event to be popularised all you need is some publicity which is very well done by the bloggers, socio-media fanatics and selfie-obsessed humans, some content which is from the stalls, good bands which can engage the public and of course good food.
The Lil Flea market has been organising events in Bandra until last year and they came up with a new place which was High Street Phoenix. The place was full of music, crowd, people and great art work.
From jackets, chappals (footwear), accessories, coasters, bags, food, diaries to bookmarks; there was everything for everyone, period if your pockets were full. ;) Most of the things sold here were expensive.
However, as they say a creative person can never likes to count on his spending when it comes to art.

The little rockstar performing in Lil Flea  

 Food Stalls that served momos, hot dogs, shammi kebabs, chicken wings, brownie, desserts,etc.
Desi Hot dog

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