Saturday, 28 February 2015

Girgaum Chowpatty

Sand, sea and cool breeze, a perfect combination for spending an evening with your friends. It has been good 10 years that I didn't visit this place. Our photography professor Ms. Uma Kadam got us to Girgaum chowpatty to teach some photography lessons. While we were taking pictures, one thought came to my mind.  A Mumbaikar's life hangs between his work and home, We are forgetting to live those precious moments. Money, social status, education and family is all that we think of. I hardly recall a person leaving from work and enjoying his time on a beach shore or taking a stroll through heritage places of Mumbai or taking his family to a national park. The only site I recall is a person rushing from his office to catch a local (train), always running to get a seat in the compartment or a spot on the train door. Always engaged on a smartphone or watching movies in a theatre.Why do we run so much? Why do we take things or people around us for granted? Why have we forgotten to live a life?
Here I share some pictures, small things in life :)

I call them 'Mini windmills' :)
Cotton candy aka Candy foss aka Mahtariche kees (childhood times)

A kid playing in the sea along with her father

The Parisien Café in Mumbai

Café culture as described by Oxford dictionary states a lifestyle characterised by regular socializing in pavement cafes, typically that a...