Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Jaisalmer Desert festival

Sand hues, cool wind, scrumptious cuisine, ravishing culture, astonishing history; what more can a person say or describe when it comes to the Rajasthan.
Padharo Mare Desh..!
This weekend pack your bags, forget the urban life and gear up to dive in a rich culture with fun, food and games at the Jaisalmer desert festival.
Like every year, the Jaisalmer desert festival will be organised for three day starting from 1st-3rd February, 2015.
Mouthstache, turban tying competitions, folk dance, music, camel race, camel tattoo show, etc are some of the highlights.

Next time keep that empty chips packet or bottle in your bag!

I soothe your eye I calm your soul I give you food & all you do is litter my earthy bowl Yours giving, Nature You may...