Friday, 2 January 2015

Burger King

King of king, Burger King truly a popular American brand in the western markets and was much awaited to open in India. The year 2014 remarked an year of change and progress, be it Modi's government or Make in India launch or launch of Burger King in India with a spread of almost 12 outlets in Mumbai and Delhi, six each in just few months. The craze has definitely doubled up and people has sprung off their chairs for selfies with the crown on their head and whopper in their hand. Burger King has definitely pushed brands like KFC and McDonald for a while. With the instagram filled with Whopperites and Whopper term being introduced in the market, there was a foodie rush in all their outlets across.
Chicken chilli cheese burger
I happened to visit their Oberoi mall's outlet in Goregaon with start of a new year. The outlet was a part of food court so the ambience is not under there control. The counter was crowded and the que moved quickly with their quick service. They had five counter which worked swiftly with efficiently managed staff by their managers. I placed my order for a chicken chilli cheese and grilled tandoori chicken meal for me and a friend.

Grilled tandoori chicken burger

With their strong publicity on various platforms and those jaw dropping burger pictures. I couldn't resist and digged into the fantasy. The first bite in those burgers and I couldn't believe my myself. It was a sheer heart break, my hunger was taken aback witht the taste of the burger. The expectation were squissh as a balloon in the sky.
The grilled tandoori chicken was below average looking at the size and taste of it. I would have taken out the chicken and eaten by itself than eating it with the burger bun. The size of the chicken piece was mediocre. Whereas for chicken chilli cheese, the patty size was proportionate and taste was just fine. I was unhappy with the cheese in it as it was very less and was invisible if you relate to the term. The french fries were crispy and well seasoned. I have never felt burger bun while eating a burger. However, Burger King proved an exception in that sort. The burger bun was soft but it left dry with less sauces and filling.
I hate to waste :(

French fries

It is has been a trend in the quick service restaurant to fall down on the quality parameter with the increase in demand. I thought Burger King would be an exception but it doesn't seem to be. Hopefully, they stick to the quality parameter and form better on scale in Indian market. 

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