Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Pronto, Churchgate

Craving for food after a beer is common for everyone who drinks and so was it with my friends. To attend a boring lecture my friends planned to hydrate their body with some alcohol. To my surprise, two of us, non drinker, ended up in a shady bar filled with men staring at us with an anguished look on their faces. For a moment I thought that we might have raided someone's territory. Up there through the narrowed spiral staircase we find our two friends gulping two bottle of beer through their oesophagus. After a much shared conversation, we attended the lecture stabilising our Miss Not-so-Sober and succeeded without leaving a doubt.
We landed up in this restaurant looking out for a clean washroom and ended up ordering food for ourselves. I ordered on behalf of my friends and Miss Not-so-Sober was quite sober after freshening up.
It is a small restaurant with the kitchen set at the base and seating space on the first floor. The ambience is pretty good, especially the picture frames on the wall. It is a nice place for friends to hangout. It would have around 20-25 people seating space. In terms of food:
The grilled chicken burger with bacon, lettuce and tomato was quite good however the bacon was little overdone to the taste of it. Otherwise, the chicken patty was mildly flavoured and the bun was soft.
The spaghetti in Boscaillo Milano was recommended by our server which was good however could have been better in terms of the consistency in sauce. It was spaghetti in vodka based cream cheese sauce with mushroom, bell peppers, ham, onion and fresh basil in it.
The Mexican chicken wrap with jalapeno and lettuce was delicately spiced and offered a good array of flavours. The french fries served along with food was a over salted which they can look at.
The overall experience was just nice and I would go back as I couldn't try their pizza. It is worth a try and I would recommend to people who do not look for Indianised continental food. :)

Pronto restaurant
Location: Churchgate
Average per person- Rs. 600-800

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