Sunday, 9 November 2014

A trip to Hoggenakal Falls

Near small district of Dharmapuri located in Tamil Nadu state lays the land of waterfalls.  As they say, “The destination is mere term, what counts is the journey towards it.” So was the case with Chinar and I; my colleague from Taj West End.
Two girls marked their destination with complete determination, few snacks and newspaper in their bags accompanied with pepper spray for safety and left for a morning 6:30 train. We left Bangalore station at approximately 7 am as the train was delayed. We got the leisure of taking some selfie with our garib rath . We reached Dharmapuri station at 11am and our excitement poured out in the form of giggles. 

A very unusual smell struck our nostril; it was so awful that we had to take out perfumes to apply on ourselves. Both of us couldn’t tolerate the smell, our head started aching terribly. A few moments later, we understood that it was rotten milk like odour. We managed to escape the torch as we saw a bus heading towards us which read Hoggenakal. It was a sheer moment of achievement, as if we had escaped the hell.
Train trip from Bangalore to Dharmapuri

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