Saturday, 4 October 2014

Bakri/ Bakra Eid on its way...!

Our country is diversified with cultures and that get us celebrating numerous festivities...I am glad to be born in India.
With nine day of ultimate fun playing garba and fasting. The celebration of Navratri comes to an end. It opens to a celebration of Bakri Eid. The scrumptious biryanis, kababs.....ask no more.
Home made chicken fry
Lets enlist the best biryani places in town.....
Come up with some dining suggestions and share it on the blog. I am waiting to see your options. :)

Chicken tangdi at Lucky's

Next time keep that empty chips packet or bottle in your bag!

I soothe your eye I calm your soul I give you food & all you do is litter my earthy bowl Yours giving, Nature You may...