Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dim Sum and more...!!!!!

Some years back it existed at the Churchgate station. On Churchgate station, the only place which serves meal. The combo meals were something to look out for. The taste and flavor of the food at this place was impeccable. I loved all the time. After my hockey practice, I used to dine here with my friend.
A newer and renovated version of it is “Fusion Bowl”. I tasted their steamed momo yesterday. Oh by the way, my love for momo started after meeting a North Indian friend. My life has a lot of influence from North India particularly Kanpur and Delhi. After working in a hospitality sector, I was aware of a food item dim sum however not the term “MOMO”.  

My love went to its premium level after continuity of its consumption in Tibetan restaurant in Bangalore.
Back to the Fusion bowl, its momo were not hot when served. I got it replaced, after which they passed the test. Again Shravan is still on so I had to eat a vegetarian momo. The chutney was spicy and just the way a momo chutney should be. So clearly, the momos had a green signal from me. It was soft, moist and tasty. All that I look for, maybe I have started liking vegetarian food.
Fusion Bowl
Location: Churchgate station
Average per person: Rs. 150
Recommendation: Steamed Momo
Plus point: You can catch a train easily ;P 

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