Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Daddy's day out!!!!

My daddy comes from an Arms force background; he has served the nation for almost 15 years. He is very fond of food and the way it is made. It was a Friday afternoon, when I and papa went out to Churchgate for some work. I love travelling and especially if it’s towards south Mumbai I am always excited.
South Mumbai has most of its offices, headquarters and best of hotels located.  The architecture was built and planned by British people. Most of buildings present now such as Chatrapati Shivaji terminus the then Victoria terminus is a great example.

The best part of South Mumbai particularly Churchgate and Fort area is you can walk all the way. The surrounding and scenic view will never let you bore yourself.  However, we were tired walking all the way.
We reached the flora fountain signal and thought having lunch. I recalled a place which I and my place used to talk about. I took my dad to fountain sizzlers. It is a small restaurant just on the main road. It has a small opening with Air conditioned section. You might just miss its way as the name is not displayed properly.
I ordered for a Chicken shashlik as it sounded the best. I could see around people wearing suits and ties were sitting around and talking about business. In the acoustic of business talks, I could hear cracking sound of the sizzler been served on each table. There it was, a grand entry of a king was no ostentatious than that of the Chicken shashlik sizzler onto my table. The smoke and the crackling sound really impressed me. The portion was just perfect for two of us. We dig into it. The rice, sauce, veggies and chicken were just perfectly made and seasoned. The chicken was tender and juicy. Dad loved the way it was cooked.
It is very difficult to satisfy my dad when it comes to eating out.  He can make everything at home and usually he stops us from eating out.
The chicken shashlik made our day. We order sizzling walnut brownie with vanilla ice cream to end our meal. As a standard serving style, walnut brownie with chocolate sauce on top and ice cream on side. Even that was just perfect. Loved it!!!! The meal experience was just fantastic.

Fountain Sizzlers
Location:  Chruchgate, near flora fountain
Recommendation: Chicken shashlik, Sizzling walnut brownie
Average per person: Rs.500
Chicken shashlik- Rs.395

Walnut brownie with ice cream: Rs.130

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