Friday, 29 August 2014

Al Bek.....take 2 and action !!!!!

Talking about biryani, one of the most famous delicacies of India. The word biryani originates from Persian language / Farsi . One theory is that originates from word "birinj", the Persian word for rice. Another theory say it is derived from the word "biryan" or "beriyan" which means to fry or roast.
The origin maybe whatsoever I thank to each one of them to inherit us such a scrumptious delicacy. Coming back to where I started, ten months of my stay at the garden city I have explored three of the famous joints for biryani. The experience has been tantalizing and rejuvenating.

The very famous:

Nagarjuna restaurant
Serves: Biryanis, fish tikka, all meat dishes
Location: various outlets through out Bangalore

Hyderabi Biryani house
Serves: Biryanis, kebabs, curry, etc.
Location: various outlets across Bangalore

My very own favourite.......!!!!!

Al Bek .....

Serves: Shawarma, biryanis, kebab, curries, etc

At the heart of Malleshwaram resides my love, a very renowned restaurant with grand entrance...." Al Bek"
Whether its biryani or kebab or rolls or rumali roti or curry; name it all because they have it all. The most surprising factor is the money. Every dish is moderately priced, you order for ten dishes and you will be amazed to look the bill.
If you are a fine dining person, you may want to order a takeaway. They do not give home delivery you have to walk all the way.
I ordered for Kalmi kebab, chicken biryani and sharwama. I would like to mention I was accompanied with couple of friends, :)
The tenderness of chicken , the masala in the kebab and biryani was just so perfect. The khuska (biryani rice) tasted flavorful and appetizing. The food is the USP of this restaurant, Their shawarma served in the restaurant are finger licking good. They are a meal in itself; the skewed chicken, crunchy brined vegetable, tahini sauce and hot pita bread makes a beautiful combination.
I would definitely recommend this dish.

The service is not that great, sometimes you might get cold rumalis, sometimes the masala will be a light high on their sides, however it would be one of the instance. The food is so good, I think you can avoid these minor things. I don't know how it so tasty but I love it there,

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