Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mumbai..... A friends treat.....!!!!!

Frau Sud, Frau Paulomi and I after our german class in Churchgate went to Lower parel for lunch. The best part of being a college student and having friends who work is....they pay for you :P
We went to Paulomi's favourite place "Gajalee" at Phoenix Mall. The restaurant is famous for its seafood. The moment we entered inside the restaurant, there was a rush of aromas from coastal region......i went into a quick ride from Konkan to Goa to Ernakulam to Pondicherry. 
My stomach started speaking to my brain to quickly order for something. The ambience truly depicted coastal areas and so did the crockery. It had a authentic look of a coastal place.
My friend ordered for her favorite crumb fried sea bass and chicken biryani. We all shared it. Oh by the way, though I say I am foodie however I don't posses a huge appetite. 
The sea bass not a huge fan of tasted very well, it was perfectly marinated and the chicken biryani was finger licking. It had a perfect balance of spices, seasoning and  flavour. The aroma of the biryani tells you how the biryani would taste. Loved it...!!!!

Gajalee restaurant
Known for: Sea food
Recommendation: Crumb fried Sea bass, chicken biryani
Average per Person: Rs. 1200
Location: Lower Parel, Phoenix Mall
Plus point: could possibly see a celebrity :P

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