Tuesday, 29 July 2014

A confused soul.....!!!!!!

I started this blog with a thought that I have my own space to share my feeling....unfortunately I never had the time to do things my way. Today when I have left a company like Taj with a good post I feel terrible. Yet I had to do it so as to live my life. 
A life of a hotelier is short lived. That person is deprived from social gathering, special moments of life and for an instance her own birthday...... :(
At this moment, I am jobless so I have all the time to blog.....to connect with the world surrounded by me. 
I am passionate about exploring new places, different cuisine and new experiences. I wish I had a job which would "PAY" me for this. Well I am in a search of it....wish me luck...!!!
Here on I shall share with you my past few years of restaurant hopping in different cities.... :)

The Parisien Café in Mumbai

Café culture as described by Oxford dictionary states a lifestyle characterised by regular socializing in pavement cafes, typically that a...