Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Danes meet Internationals with a glimpse of Indian culture

"The world is one big country, where I am a gloablised citizen with the roots in my culture." - Gayatri Kale
I have been a firm believer of this and when I moved out of India, I took it as an opportunity to practice it. I got a scholarship to study in Denmark through a competition and here I was. I made friends through networking and came across a lady who was a local from Roskilde. The first few events I attended through a common friend where quite enough to connect with her. I saw the matured me in her, and vice-versa was for her. She wasn't acquainted with India and it's culture and that was the same for many in Roskilde. So we together came up with a plan to get people together to know more about India, it's people and it's culture.
Post my exam, I went to India to visit my family and I made a point to plan out a menu so I could carry the essential spices and condiments to make it an authentic meal.
Susanne and I, came together as a team to host an Indian dinner and market where it was an initiative to let Locals meet Internationals in Roskilde. This way there is the Locals get acquainted to Internationals staying in Denmark and the Internationals get to know Danish culture with a cultural exchange.
Danes meet Internationals
We sent out an invitation to people in Roskilde and Copenhagen where we made sure there was a mix of both International students and Danes.
Batata Vada with mint & coconut chutney
The event started with a pooja and offering to Lord Ganesha. It was a three course meal planned by me where in the starter was a street food of Mumbai Batata Vada with mint and coconut chutney, followed by main course which had Mixed vegetable and Malvani chicken curry with Basmati rice, and Rice kheer to our meal with. Rice kheer was purposely planned to show the common thread between Denmark and India. Rice kheer is somewhat similar to Risalamande which is a typical Danish Christmas dessert.
It was fun event where we had cultural, history, food, music and amalgamation of various generation's thoughts. We were from different countries; Kosova, Poland, Denmark, India, Romania and New Zealand, there was so much diversity yet we had a common thread which connected all of us.
I am looking forward to organise many such cultural event with Susanne where I can get people from different countries together and make them be open for a global change :)

Mixed vegetable 

Malvani Chicken curry

First offering to Ganapati bappa

Romanian lady with a bindi and chunari on her head

Enjoying a conversation

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