Monday, 2 November 2015

Europe road trip

When I was back in India, I always wondered how people managed to travel so many countries. Either one had to be born rich or marry someone rich. :P Guess what! the myth was broken, it is great how one can untangle mysteries and understand them.
When I arrived to Denmark for study, the only thought I had in mind was travelling. Travel has been one of my top priorities. Yes, I am a good kid because I study as well. I was very happy that I was given International Sales and Marketing major. You may wonder why did I mention it. Well, the reason is that it has the most interesting and enthusiastic students.
Thanks to Danish potato holidays, we got our first break from college. I started planning way before time, I asked my classmates if they wanted to travel in the break. I believe good travel communication brings out the best solution in the world. I was planning to travel to Germany so I asked Anna and guess what one thing lead to other. Suddenly, I was going to visit Prague by road. My first road trip in Europe, like I say, it doesn't hurt to communicate to people. I invited few more people to join us on the trip. Two of my other classmates were joining us directly in Prague.
We started off from Roskilde in Denmark and were all prepped up for a 12 hours journey with multiple breaks.
Our journey marked starting off from Denmark, crossing Germany and finally arriving in Prague. It is difficult to express my feeling for this trip however if I sum it up it was a fun experience. An experience filled with excitement, happiness and scared at the same time. I say that because Anna seemed to be an average driver and the cleaner which is me had to be awake with her.
The best part of traveling by road is that you can see all those beautiful landscapes, amazing bridges, those travel songs, conversation about life and gazing at the beautiful night sky filled with bright star light.

 It is good to be on the other side, today when I have the opportunity to do so, I am very well doing it.
Happy travelling fellas! :D

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