Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Why is English more important than our official language?

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Today when I was sitting in International Sales and Marketing class in Denmark with internationals from all over the world I realised something new. A topic which was stressed on so much back in my home country but isn't that important to others here.
Since childhood we are admitted in English-medium school by our parents and encouraged to learn English by mentors, relatives or neighbours. We learn English poems, jingles, rhymes but what about those regional languages. They merely remain a subject in our curriculum which has to be learnt. "Beta, you should learn English language and should be able to speak fluently or else how will you progress? " Is that really required?
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Today when I sit with these internationals who think English is second language and not superior to their official regional language. When I think for myself, Was that the case for me? I have seen people making fun of someone who doesn't speak English well. I see my classmates speaking English with grammatical mistakes, different accents and no one bothers to make fun of it or correct it. If it would have been a class in India, the scenario would have been totally different. So next time you make fun of someone, please rethink that person need not know English language as to his mother tongue. I completely understand that English language is really essential in today's business as well as social scenarios. But what about our regional languages, what about Hindi? Isn't it important to each one of us? I remember studying Hindi and Marathi back in school. If you ask me to write an essay in my regional language I might end up with a lot of mistakes and will fall short of the correct words. In today's scenario, major schools don't even stress on regional languages or the national language. Is that correct? The coming generation might even not know anything about regional languages. In mere future parents will communicate in English and kids will end up thinking English as their mother tongue. Is that fair to Hindi or Marathi Or Punjabi or Bengali (the list can go on :P )? Our country is blessed with so many regional languages which I think should be preserved well and should be taught to our future generations. These languages deserve more respect than what is given nowadays. Globalisation is definitely necessary but not on terms of forgetting your roots. I am glad that my mother still asks for a marathi newspaper in the house and not DNA or HT or TOI. This has at least helped to keep in touch with the regional language.

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