Sunday, 22 February 2015

Baking for a cause


Some people believe in charity, some do it, few give out for a charity after a certain profit but have you ever heard of a person setting up a business to continue working for a cause. Well I came across an enterprise which started so as to continue helping the under-privileged widows in the rural areas of Orissa. 

A new setup in the locality of Kandivali, definitely stands out for its unique work. As said by Mahatma Gandhi, "The simplest act of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer." 
Their silent act of helping these women by far makes them stand out from each bakery in town. 
Abishalom Bakes' tagline says it, "When you purchase, you partner with us in supporting marginalised and under-privileged widows in India, a program which was initiated in 2005." 
Chocolate Mousse
The bakery servers cakes, pastries, cupcakes, cookies and many more items on it's menu. They are know for oatmeal, multigrain cookies and London short-bread. I had been to the bakery to try out their cakes as well as cookies. I must say, been a Manager in Taj I guarantee that the cookies at Abishalom bakes are definitely one of the best. Though the pastries, gluten free brownie still need a little improvement over the texture and sweeting. I found the pastries and brownie to be a little more sweet than the required amount. Maybe it was just that day but the taste was really nice. Also, for me the softness of the cake sponge is very important which was just right. I made my parents taste the oatmeal cookies they absolutely loved it. For someone, who loves to eat and still stay fit, Abishalom Bakes has a lot of options to offer. From cranberry multigrain, oatmeal cookies to gluten-free brownies to customised sinful cakes; it has it all. I would recommend it everyone, please drop in and show some love to this place. Who, ever must have thought eating would be charity. :) 
Oatmeal, multigrain, London short-bread, multigrain and cranberry cookies

Place: Abishalom Bakes
Blue Tulip building, Opp Shyam Satsang Bhavan
Extension Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (W)


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