Sunday, 30 November 2014

Travel and tragedies

Jodhpur; destination set, tickets checked, bags packed, food packed. Two girls, all dressed and walk up to the First AC compartments with confidence in their gut and smart phone in their hand showing off their booked tickets to the Ticket Checker (TC). " Madam ji, yeh kya hai. Aap ki tickets cancel hogayi," says T.C.
Mouth dropping reaction from both of us definitely gave a hint to the T.C. that these girls had no clue what mess they were into. The T.C. tells us that we are without tickets and that online booked tickets gets cancelled if they are on waiting list. We purely topped the category of fools.
After repetitive request for a seat in AC coaches, our T.C. declined any ray of hope before it raised in our topless shelves. Struggling our ways through half the way to sleeper coach with our four baggages, paddling through uncles and aunties feet, chotu's play zone, we made our way to the the middle compartment. Resting our swords, we sat down at one  place looking out for a way to reach Jodhpur. With no tickets and possibility of our Global desi and Levis resting on the Indian railways train floor. We ran our brain cells to find a way out.
Travel and tragedies....go hand in hand for me it seems.

To be continued....!

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