Sunday, 26 October 2014

Few recommendations for Kerala...!!!

The next time you plan a trip, do keep Kerala as an option. The beauty and greenery of this place will sweep you off your feet. The mesmerising view, long stretch tea estates, passing clouds (I would like to say), backwaters, fresh fish, coconut water....and many more.
I always look out for articles where I could read an experience of a person that he/she loved the most. And here I am writing some of mine....

Things you wouldn't miss:

Elephant ride: There are a lot of elephant camp that offer this, you also get to bathe the elephants and take shower with them. Don't worry you will always cherish these moments as the elephants master will click all these moments for you.
The ride is for Rs.350/ person
Ride, shower is for Rs. 1000/ person
Elephant ride at Elephant camp

Kathkali dance: This is a traditional dance here. The artist perform here for an hour. The mudras (expressions). music and the experience as a whole was impeccable. I got a chance to capture some moments for you.
Location: Munnar and thekkady offer the best shows.
Entry fee for camera: Rs.100 for DSLR
Front seat: Rs.300
Middle seat: Rs.250
Back seat: Rs.200
Kathkali performance

Its worth taking the front seat :)

Houseboat stay: This is the best moment so far. The houseboat takes you the backwaters of Allepy. I could see Kerala's lifestyle in a short ride. The houses built on the side of water, school going kids playing around, women washing clothes, old men sitting in groups and discussing over issues.
They cook you a meal on the houseboat with the fresh catch, some veggies and the food you likpe.
Price: Rs. 7000 for a night stay
There are some more option with a honeymoon suite houseboat and Luxury houseboat which could range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs.30,000

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