Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Only Place!!!!!!

The Only place.........
In the city of Bangalore, it is considered one of the oldest restaurants. The ambiance reminds you of a old Goan catholic place.  It is lit up colorful lighting all over the place. The waiters are dressed up in a waist coat with a bow tie. As you enter, you are greeted by old gentlemen with a big smile. The place is little crumpled however it works for me. The restaurant serves continental and Indian food.
I ordered for barbecue chicken wings, technically it didn't look like one.  It was tandoori chicken wings from the look and taste of it. It worked well as the chicken wings were tender and juicy, the masala in the preparation were just adequate. While enjoying the food, I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance as well. The place was quite packed with families, youngsters and oldies.
For the Main course, I ordered for King Fish preparation and a chicken minced lasagna. The lasagna was really bad, it didn't taste good. The pasta sheets were overdone and the flavors were inadequate. The King fish was well cooked with right amount of seasoning. You can avoid pasta at this place however I would recommend this place for the ambiance and great service.
The Only Place
Location: Bangalore, Museum road
Average per person: Rs. 500
Recommendation: Barbecue chicken wings (though it taste like tandoor made)

Plus point: Great ambiance

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