Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hostel time......deadline oops!!

It was at 8:30pm, I and my friends were out at Kala ghoda to see the exhibition which happens each year. It was the last day of the kala ghoda fest. Streets were filled with magnifique art structures, paintings,  students had made creatives for environmental awareness, kids in torn clothes running around asking for money and dance were performed on the stage. There were food stalls lined up on the street selling chaats, vada pavs, candy floss and golas.
Mumbai is very famous for such chel phel. We started at 7pm and didn’t really understand how time flew away. It was 8:30pm and one of our friend had to reach the hostel in dadar by 9pm. We ran cutting through the crowd, hushing through short cuts and there I and my friend Harsh caught the site of a live and fresh kebab making stall. It was named “Ayub’s  kebab center” , we couldn’t really ditch the aroma and lip smacking kebabs. I and harsh stood back, we asked Khyati and Awasthi to proceed to the station and get the tickets. I could see four furious eyes looking back at me….. oopsie!!!!
We ordered for reshmi kebab roll and chicken tikka kebab roll. Thankfully the uncle gave us the rolls quickly as he witnessed the drama and those four furious eyes. We grabbed those rolls and ran like trained golden retrievers. We managed to grab a cab on the way to the station. We sat in it and took a bite of the hot kebab roll…..emmmmmmmm!!!!! was the ultimate expression given by both of us. The cab driver turned back to look at us as to what happened. We didn’t care about the world…our world was in the kebab and we were in it.
The chicken was so tender, juicy, the spices were up to mark…just right. The roti was hot and well made whereas the  green chutney and lacha complimented as a whole. It was just a perfect thing to end your day with.
Oh till the time we exploring the flavours in the kebab, the cab driver got us to the station. Khyati and Awasthi were waiting at the station for the train. All of us ran and got into a fast local to dadar. We were just in time and khyati was saved.

The hero of the story was truly the kebab which was inside my stomach…..uff khyati would still kill me for that day.

Ayub’s Kebab centre
Recommendation: Reshmi kebab roll
Average per person:  Rs.200/300
Location: Chruchgate Kala Ghoda, next to Sabyasachi boutique
 Plus point: It is open till late hours

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